Sunday, April 24, 2011

To Whom that I missed

Dear you, I hope you are as healthy as I am. Still training your PES player(certainly I can't remember his name)? I hope so then that is the sign that you are fine and breathing.

So, this is the longest I have not heard anything from you, I suppose? Please never be in your heart that I already forgot you and put you in a trash bin. It just that I currently don't have means of communication to reach you since you gave up with the blog and never care to share your tumblr? kidding.

So, I guess you are as happy and as busy as I myself for the beginning of final axams. Mine will be starting a couple weeks from now and I certainly am not ready yet!

This is just a short message just to let you know that I care about you more then you think. I do hope that you would stumble upon my blog, this post specifically where I doubt you would. I tried to reach you through messenger and skype and received but nothing.

Wait, please read this with joy and amusement. Because everything that I wrote here was nothing but rants and gibberish thoughts that never meant to hurt you although I hate you so much I can't bare.

Good Luck ! :P